Exploring the Green Expanse: Golf Courses that Remain Open Amidst the Pandemic

Adapting to New Norms: Golf Courses Embrace Safety Measures during COVID-19

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, golf resorts have emerged as a safe haven for sports enthusiasts. However, golf courses have diligently adapted to the situation by incorporating several health and hygiene measures to ensure the safety of golfers without compromising their passion for the sport.

Social Distancing at its Best: Even before the pandemic, golf was considered a sport that naturally embraced social distancing. The vast expanse allows golfers to have the preferred six feet of distance between themselves and others. During the pandemic, golf clubs have implemented tee time intervals, one-time use scorecards, and limited touchpoints to max out on social distancing.

Embracing Technology for Safety: Many clubs are turning to technology to decrease shared touchpoints. Mobile apps help golfers book tee-times online, thus eliminating contact at pro-shops. Some clubs also utilize remote flagsticks that respond to an app on the golfer's phone, reducing commonly touched surfaces on the course.

Golf Buggies and Equipment: Golf clubs have started to implement one-rider golf buggy policies to ensure safety. They are also sanitizing golf buggies and rental golf equipment after each usage.

Reconfigured Course Layouts: Golf clubs are making changes to the layout of their courses to avoid unnecessary touchpoints. Holes are filled with foam, so the ball doesn't disappear into the hole, and the golfer can collect it without touching the pin.

F&B Services: On-course food and beverage services have significantly changed after the pandemic. Options are limited to pre-packaged items or take-out, often requiring contactless payment methods. Some courses have also moved their dining areas outdoors to keep everyone safe.

Monitoring Personal Hygiene: Hand sanitizers and disinfect points are now commonplace at golf courses. Clubhouses are also temporarily shut or have strict social distancing rules in place. Masks are mandatory in indoor areas, in accordance with local regulations.

Golf Instruction: Golf lessons and instructions have seen a new transformation with virtual golf courses, offering online lessons for beginners, and experienced players alike. In cases where in-person instruction is necessary, safety measures including maintaining distance and sanitisation are strictly adhered to.

Despite the challenges, golf courses have successfully adapted to the new norms to continue being a beloved pastime during these testing times. The proactive measures taken by these establishments to ensure a safe and enjoyable golfing experience is commendable, and continues to draw in golf lovers to explore the green expanse even during the pandemic.

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Top Golf Courses around the World that Continue to Welcome Golfers Amidst Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented halts and delays worldwide and the world of sports is no different. But fear not, for all golf aficionados out there, there are still renowned golf courses all over the globe that are continuously welcoming players, serving as a tranquil refuge in these challenging times.

The Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia, USA
Situated in the vibrant town of Augusta, The Augusta National Golf Club is well famed for being one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world. Despite the pandemic, the club has continued its operations, instigating strict health and safety regulations to ensure the wellbeing of players. This includes limited crowd size and enforcing social distancing. You can still walk the same fairways as your favorite golf legends, experiencing a golfing getaway as never before.

St. Andrews Links, Scotland
Boasting seven amazing golf courses including the world’s oldest course, The Old Course, St. Andrews Links has become a pilgrimage point for golf enthusiasts. While the Royal and Ancient Clubhouse remains closed for visitors, the golf courses have remained open. Players are strictly required to follow the government guidelines for outdoor sports, promoting a safe environment for everyone.

Pebble Beach Golf Links, California, USA
Pebble Beach Golf Links is another world-class golfing destination based in California. Famous for its daunting coastal views, it has remained operational during the pandemic. However, restrictions are in place, such as the implementation of single-rider cart policies, face-mask requirements, and temperature checks upon entry, ensuring a safe golfing experience.

Murcar Links Golf Club, Aberdeen, Scotland
Located in Scotland, the home of Golf, Murcar Links Golf Club offers a challenging layout amidst the classic Scottish landscape. The club has diligently adhered to the comprehensive guidelines laid out by the governing bodies, making sure that safety regulations are in place, letting golfers tee off without worrying about the pandemic.

Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Australia
Being the oldest golf club in Australia, Royal Melbourne Golf Club has two golf courses both ranked in the top 10 in the world. Amidst the pandemic, the club has put stringent measures in place, such as contactless payment, no touch rule to flag sticks and rakes, and restriction of players per group, ensuring everyone's safety.

New South Wales Golf Club, Australia
The New South Wales Golf Club provides a blend of breathtakingly beautiful coastlines and challenging golf terrains. Despite the pandemic, the course has remained open.